Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I suppose it is time for an update. The summer has come and gone and I am looking at the first serious snow storm of the year. It took me only 2-1/2 hours to get to work today since the maddening traffic insisted on not going over 20 MPH. Welcome Winter!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30, 2008

Hi! I'm Jennifer, and I'm a single mother, a legal secretary, a waitress, and first time blogger. I'm starting this because my nieces, Kiara and Lacey tell me that it is easy enough for grandma to do. I figure that if it's that easy, there is no reason why I shouldn't be doing it myself.

So, here's a little about my family:

Sheridan: My oldest daughter. She is 14 and beautiful.
Things I know she likes are:
1. Staying up later than her mom.
2. Fettuccini Alfaro and Pizza
3. Her friends
4. Her sewing class
5. Her ipod and her music because "music is [her] life."
She is wearing the bands on her braces because Uncle Brian has told her that if she does, she may get her braces off on May 15th. Keeping our fingers crossed on this one.

Shealyn: The Second child. She is 11 years old and has the softest heart.
Things I know she likes are:
1. Animals - stuffed and real
2. Her Webkins world
3. Her friends (and I think she likes her family most of the time).
4. Her teacher, Ms. Mullinack
5. Ice cream
She has very soft and pretty hair.

McRae: My last. I would say baby, but he is definitely a little boy now.
Things I know he likes:
1. Game Cube
2. Pokemon
3. All his friends
4. Making his own Bionicles
5. Macaroni & Cheese - mom's style
His likes to tell me that I "dance like a hippy" even though I tell him that I'm a good dancer.

Things I know I like:
1. Food - it really doesn't matter to me what it is, I'll eat it. Like a human garbage disposal.
2. Gray's Anatomy - I'm watching the series on DVD and can't seem to stop.
3. I would say all my friends, but I think I just lost my best friend, and I miss him. That's what happens when you mix friendship and romance.
4. Running. I suppose I have to restate this - I like running when I'm done running. It also takes a mental strength to get out the door, because running itself is a *itch.
5. All the above. :-)